Saturday, November 8, 2008

Silicon Valley (SV) Bio Tour 2009

~Explore your possibilities~

Japan Bio Community (JBC) is pleased to announce that we will host the Silicon Valley (SV) Bio Tour 2009 from March 12th to March 15th, 2009.

JBC is a non-profit organization [501 (c) (6)] dedicated to providing information and interaction to professionals who work in the US biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries (the “bio industry”). Within the Silicon Valley, the bio industry is currently the second largest industry. While there has been a tremendous relationship between the US and Japan in science and commerce, many Japanese are still unfamiliar with the bio industry and entrepreneurship. In response to growing interest surrounding these areas, JBC hosts monthly meetings that provide information and insight to its attendees. All meetings are open to the general public. JBC was founded in 2002 and there are currently more than 800 registered members across the world.

In this tour, JBC will be organizing six seminars and three panel discussions. The goal of these events will be for participants to obtain a greater understanding on a wide variety of scientific and business topics within the US bio industry and academic fields. All speakers and panelists reside in the Silicon Valley and are well established and highly respected individuals. The JBC SV Bio Tour Selection Committee will select participants from a pool of candidates who are about to graduate, have recently graduated, or are early-career professionals. Candidates must submit an essay along with their application in order to be considered.  The SV Bio Tour participants are expected to be engaging and also willing to proactively participate during the tour and its pre- and post-tour activities.

We look forwarding to meeting you on this exciting tour.

JBC Organizers